Three truckers in Botswana, South Africa have been hailed for showing compassion toward a stranded baby elephant. The drivers were en route Nata when the elephant appeared on the road, lost and defenceless. 
Carlos Santos, Johan Groenewald, and Pieter Roussow came across the three-week-old baby elephant after it was abandoned by its herd, reports The Good Things Guy. The animal appeared thirsty and after realising the same, the drivers gave it water from their own bottles and went out in search for its herd. 
However, after failing to locate its family, they decided to do more than just feed it water and go about their way. They loaded the elephant in their truck and took it to a sanctuary called Elephants Without Borders.
In an update, the sanctuary said that the elephant was ‘doing very well’. 
Also, this Facebook video, showing one of the truckers quenching the baby elephant’s thirst, has amassed over one lakh views. People are impressed with their compassion. …