Two RCMP members came to the rescue of an orange kitten who was stuck in the storm that swept through Saskatchewan Tuesday.
According to RCMP, while patrolling on Highway 39, Cpl. Sean Chiddenton and Cst. Ryan Oram came across a small orange kitten who was nearly frozen.
According to Chiddenton, he originally saw something on the road at the last second and swerved around it.
“I thought it was a chunk of ice that had fallen off a semi at first, but then thought it looked it an animal,” Chiddenton said in a Facebook post on the Saskatchewan RCMP page.
Chiddenton said Oram was unable to swerve and the cat went under the centre of Oram’s truck. Oram did not make contact with the kitten. Oram, like Chiddenton, thought the object was an animal and stopped.
“He backed up and the partially-frozen lump stood up and started walking towards him,” Chiddenson said.
Chiddenton said he and …