One Frigid day of February, a 60-year-old mountaineer hiker, Warren Muldoon, and his dog, Dakota, stranded on a snowy ledge above a 40-foot waterfall.
Muldoon and his dog spent the morning climbing 10,064-foot Mount San Antonio, also known as Mount Baldy, in Southern California’s Angeles National Forest.On the hike back down, Muldoon missed out the  turn and couldn’t find the descent trail.
Unfortunately, He and his dog tumbled over two waterfalls while attempting to reach the bottom of the remote canyon. Muldoon was badly injured. With punctured lung,five broken ribs and fractured leg in the fall, He tried to slid down a third waterfall.
But Dakota was too scared that he couldn’t move forward and stuck on a ledge about a 30-foot above. Muldoon’s phone was broken.He didn’t know what to do. Somehow Hikers below spotted him and called for help.
A San Bernardino County Sheriff’s helicopter team airlifted the hypothermic hiker out of the canyon. …