Mrs Freer (34) told the Telegraph: “When we were showing in Windsor last year, Jessica won with Annie in her class. Then when I lost in the challenge with the same dog she was saying to me ‘oh mummy, even I could have done better than that.’
“Her headteacher gave her two days off to compete and she has loved every second.
“I said to her, about half an hour before she went out into the arena ‘look love, it doesn’t matter if you lose, it’s all about the competing’, but she just retorted back that there was no point competing unless you could win.
Chrissie Russell After enduring several years trapped in an abusive relationship, Sharon* packed her bags, took her son’s hand and bravely walked out on her husband. This should have been the ‘happy ending’ moment: the physical abuse stopped, there was no longer opportunity for her abuser to spit …