This is Trey, a 9-month-old seal pup.
In December, she was plucked from waters near Rockaway, New York with cuts on her head, belly, and flippers.
The then-nameless harbor seal was transferred to Mystic Aquarium, which is located in coastal Connecticut about 83 miles southwest of Boston.
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There the mammal was treated by aquatic veterinarians with the Animal Rescue Clinic, a program founded in 1975 to help injured marine life.
Following three months of care, Trey’s condition improved and she was ready for a return to the wild.
But first, she needed a new handle, and one aligned with an informal plant theme the aquarium had been using to name other rehabilitated animals in 2017.
Enter Trey Flowers, a defensive end with the — *writer pauses for DEEP breath* — 5x-world-champion New England Patriots.
(Pictured above with his 4-year-old daughter, Skyler.)
After Flowers’ …