The world can be a cold place. But last week, one Penguins fan did what he could to bring some warmth to a man down on his luck.
Jimmy Mains had an extra ticket to the Penguins-Lightning game last Friday. He was looking for a friend to go with him, even posting on Facebook, but didn’t get any takers.
So he went to PPG Paints Arena by himself, figuring he’d watch his team alone. He was approached outside the stadium by a man named Rob, who asked him for money.
“I told him that I don’t carry any cash,” said Mains, “But if he wanted to come into the game with me and get out of the cold for a little bit I had an extra ticket.”
After initially thinking he was being put on, Rob accepted and a friendship began.
“I don’t think it set in with him that we were going to the …