Powering Potential Inc. (PPI) aims to enhance education opportunities for students in Tanzania with the help of the Raspberry Pi and open source technology.
“I believe technology is a vital part of the modern human experience. It enlightens. It ties us together. It broadens our horizons and teaches us what we can be. I believe everyone deserves access to these resources,” says Janice Lathen, Founding Director and President of PPI.
The project’s three main technology goals are:
In their efforts to achieve these goals, PPI also promotes the values of cooperation and community. We spoke with Lathen to learn more.
Linux.com: Please tell our readers about the Powering Potential program. What inspired you?
Janice Lathen: I founded Powering Potential Inc. (PPI) in 2006. That was the year I visited Tanzania for the first time. During a photo safari vacation, our driver stopped at a rural school called Banjika Secondary. When I greeted them …