SALT LAKE CITY – A Utah school is trying to give homeless students something to ease the obstacles of daily life – a peaceful place to shower and clean their clothes.
East High School officials estimate they have between 50 and 100 students who don’t have access to a shower or a washing machine on a daily basis, according to KSTU.
“A lot of them don’t have them in their own homes, and a lot of them are afraid to ask like their friends or someone else,” said senior Emily Beatse.
Beatse said she feels for these classmates. She’s even seen them hiding around the theater department.
“Cause we have a washing machine and dryer for our costumes, but they’re always very sneaky and they come in during a Saturday rehearsal and hide down in the shop and do it while everyone is up rehearsing,” Beatse said.
Principal Greg Maughan said these students shouldn’t have to live in the shadows. He …