A woman has shocked doctors after waking up from a seven-year coma.
Danijela Kovacevic, from Vojvodina, Serbia, had fallen ill following a traumatic labour in 2009.
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The 25-year-old contracted sepsis while giving birth to her daughter Marija and was left in a vegetative state.
But Ms Kovacevic has now come around, which has astounded Serbian medics who have never seen anyone survive after being unconscious for that long.
She has also been reunited with her daughter, who is now seven.
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A family friend said: ‘After school, Marija is close to her mama every day.
‘She comforts her, makes her laugh and does not give up the hope that she will touch her and embrace her.’
Ms Kovacevic’s father Djordje Kovacevic spoke about how his daughter was now able to hold a tablet and pen.
‘These are minor recoveries, but …