When I was kid, getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy was up there with holidays, birthdays and Christmas. I would lie awake as long as I could, waiting for the flutter of little wings that singled the arrival of a shiny silver coin.
Of course, I never managed it – legend has it that the Tooth Fairy (like Santa Claus) can tell if a kid is sleeping (well, that’s what my mum told me anyway). But now, through the magic of computer wizardry, a dad in the US has captured the Tooth Fairy on camera.
Daniel Hashimoto has form. Known for using computer generated imagery (CGI) to create amazing videos that feature his family, his work has a habit of going viral. In one such video his son, James (also known as Action Movie Kid), grips the helm of a playground sailing ship as it sails stormy waters, and in another, the five-year-old …