Little Saglana Salchak lives in one of the remotest parts of Siberia with her grandparents, some 40 km from the nearest village in Tuva region. She woke early and tried to stir her 60 year old babushka, but could not do so.
Her grandfather – completely blind – feared his wife was dead and realised the need for urgent help. He did not know when his daughter Eleonora, Saglana’s mother, would next visit. 
He sent Saglana to their nearest neighbours at 6am, unable to see that it was still dark and dangerous, as well as perilously cold. The girl did not say anything but obediently took only a box of matches to light her way on her sad mission. 
She knew from previous walks with her grandmother that if she closely followed the route of the frozen river she would eventually come to the home of cattle breeder Anay-ool Naidan some 8 km distant. …