MANILA — A photo of a scrawny man watching his daughters enjoy a fried chicken meal in a popular fast-food chain recently went viral on social media, garnering thousands of likes and shares from people who were touched by the iconic image that depicts selfless love. 
The photo was taken by Jhunnel Sarajan, a real estate professional, who returned the following day to get more details about the family as people expressed interest to help. 
In his conversation with the man in the photo, Sarajan found out that he is a stroke victim and a single father to his two kids. He also shared details on how to help the family, including the phone number of JR Arebuabo, the man’s uncle. 
Meet the selfless father
ABS-CBN News looked for the man and his two children. We found them in a slum area in Barangay 61 in Tondo, Manila. 
Ryan Arebuabo, the man in the viral …