It is fitting that the first artificial limb Mat Bowtell made was in the colours of Iron Man.
Like Iron Man, Mat doesn’t wear a cape. And like Iron Man, Mat is a hero in his spare time.
Mat Bowtell makes limbs for people, and he doesn’t charge any money for it.
In fact it costs him money to do it, but he just wants to help others who can’t afford prosthetics.
Mr Bowtell works at Toyota’s Altona plant as an engineer.
The plant is due to shut down later this year, so he was searching for a new project.
He was fascinated by robotics, studying them while he was in Japan, where he saw a robotic hand had the potential to change lives – for those who could afford the price tag: $1,000,000.
Even for $1000 a new hand would be out of the range of many people. So he had an idea – he …