Buzz and his friends need our help. We’re pledging to give away 100 million wildflower seeds, in partnership with Veseys Seeds, to get the movement started.
Buzz is missing because there’s something serious going on with the world’s
bees. Bee populations everywhere have been declining at an alarming rate¹, and
that includes honeybees like Buzz.
People need bees. And now bees need people.
1 in 3 bites of food we eat is made possible by bees and other pollinators²
42% of bee colonies in the U.S. collapsed in 2015³
70 out of the top 100 human food crops are pollinated by bees?
By 2020 our oat farms will host about 3,300 acres of nectar- and pollen-rich wildflowers, which are full of the nutrients bees and other pollinators need to stay strong.
Helping Buzz and his friends is easy. Simply request a free wildflower seed packet to create a bee-friendly habitat in your yard.
Looking for the …