Mélanie Ségard is 21 years old, with a bright smile, a love of parties and restaurants, and a job at a packaging company.
And, oh yes: She also happens to have Down syndrome.
“I’m different,” the French woman states on her official Facebook page, “but I want to show everyone that I can do a lot of things.”
But there was one thing she had always wanted to do that had eluded her: to present the weather on television.
It seemed an improbable dream for someone with Down syndrome. Ségard couldn’t read or write, according to Le Parisien, and had no broadcast training.
But her lifelong wish was picked up by Unapei, a French nonprofit that advocates for “an inclusive and supportive society.” It asked: Why couldn’t a woman with Down syndrome present the weather on TV?
“These are people who, despite their disabilities, have abilities,” Unapei’s president, Luc Gateau, told the French news site La Croix, according to the Independent. …