Bam Margera was a figure who transcended skateboarding itself. One could argue that he was a major reason for the popularity of skateboarding in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Starring in a plethora of shows on MTV and earning an endless stream of cash, Margera eventually succumbed to the celebrity lifestyle, while skateboarding took a major backseat. Eventually, Margera was dealing with a serious drinking problem and didn’t touch a skateboard for five years.
Last year he sought treatment on the VH1 show “Family Therapy” and rumors began swirling that he was back on a skateboard. A few photos began popping up on his Instagram and on March 13 Jenkem published an interview and a short clip of Margera skating a mini ramp.
In the interview, Jenkem finds out that Margera is in fact sober and is living in Spain, back to skateboarding everyday.
Margera says, “In Barcelona I …