Everybody hates cardio. And, as odd as it may seem, many professional athletes share the general population’s disdain of mildly-strenuous exercise.
While mic’d up during San Jose’s 3-1 loss to Nashville on Saturday, Sharks defenceman Brenden Dillon decided to engage Predators forward Austin Watson along the boards with around six minutes to play in the second frame. After a quick, not-so-spirited tilt as both players were at the end of their respective shifts, Dillion engaged Watson again—this time, with friendly conversation.
The rapid progression from pre-fight, to throwing punches at each other’s skull, to becoming best buddies in a matter of seconds is something to behold and sheds a humorous light on the often dark topic of fighting in hockey.
A summary of the pleasantries exchanged between the two combatants and (apparently) friends:
Dillon: Hey, fuck off!
Watson: You want it?
*Punches exchanged*
*Players sit in penalty box*
Dillon: Hey Wats? We gotta work on our cardio this …