FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — For thirty-three years, Terry Labar has been looking up at life. Terry’s career as a U.S. Marine was derailed when a car slammed into him on a road in the Middle East.
“I just wanted to put this behind me and start a new chapter,” Terry said. “I never expected anything like this.”
The events that day so long ago are fuzzy.  Terry said he remembers, “just vaguely going up over the car and hitting my chin.”
The Fredericksburg resident was paralyzed from the waist down, and he had difficulty adjusting to his new reality.
“I woke up the first day in Richmond and rolled over and saw the wheelchair next to the bed,” he said. “Then it dawned on me. That was for me.”
Traumatic injuries were nothing new to Terry. During the Vietnam War, Terry was rappelling out of a helicopter and fell about 90 feet and broke his back.
The …