Torockó is a small picturesque village in Transylvania where the sun rises twice. How is that possible?
See that overwhelming rock above the village? Early in the morning the sun appears in the left side of the Szekelyk? Peak (1171m), only to hide after a few minutes behind it. It takes a while for the sun to appear brightly again on the sky, making Torockó a unique place with two sunrises.
In the village you will be greeted by whitewashed houses with wide open green blinds, and with pots of red flowers in the windows. Every house seems like a welcoming home, and you can almost smell the freshly baked breads and home-made cheese. The one thing I absolutely love about Torockó is its remoteness- usually I don’t even have phone signal there. Ok, to be honest there’s an oak tree in the village centre where sometimes I get some weak …