A homeless man who was transformed into a ‘hipster’ with a stylish haircut has said the makeover changed his life.
Jose Antonio, 55, was unrecognisable from his previous self after getting a snazzy trim and having his hair dyed at La Salvajeria salon, in Majorca, Spain.
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His new dashing look, which was compared to George Clooney, won him quite a few admirers after a video of his transformation was posted online.
But many were left wondering what he had done in the 18 months since the video was shot.
Mr Antonio, who is also known as Josete, has now broken his silence.
Fortunately, he is no longer homeless – he moved into a room in a flat and has also gone back to his grey hair (which we reckon suits him quite well).
‘I doubt any of these changes would have happened if it …