WALLA WALLA, Washington — A fast-thinking Walla Walla High School senior used her first-aid knowledge to save her choking teacher, according to a news release from Walla Walla Public Schools.
Fine arts teacher Julie Laufenburg was teaching an art class Thursday morning when she bent over and started turning red in the face. She looked up, grabbing her neck, and in a raspy voice asked for help. That’s when senior Mariam Hart sprang into action. Hart, who is CPR certified through the American Red Cross, used her first-aid knowledge she learned through the JROTC program to come to Laufenburg’s rescue and perform the Heimlich maneuver.
“I started to lose track of what was going on,” Laufenburg said. “I was trying to get air, but couldn’t breathe. I definitely needed assistance.”
Hart, a cadet major with the JROTC, ran from her desk and, despite her 5-foot-2 frame, was able to properly position her hands on …