Batman has a bit of a sore back this weekend after shovelling cars out of the Montreal snow for several hours on Thursday.
A devastating storm covered southern Quebec on Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving residents struggling to get around later in the week.
Sidewalks were treacherous and many cars were encased by about 40 centimetres of snow.
But the owners of children’s entertainment company MJ Anim’Action saw it as an opportunity to brighten people’s day.
They decided to send Batman to the rescue.
“We went into all the side streets to find people who were trying to get rid of snow and when we found a person who was working we helped them right away,” MJ Anim’Action co-founder Mehdi Bennani Smires told CBC News.
The duo stayed close to their headquarters in Montreal’s Rosemont borough, delivering about five hours of good deeds to their neighbours.
By Saturday, a video compilation of their exploits, which they posted on YouTube, had almost 50,000 views.
Bennani Smires said almost everyone was very happy to see …