A REAL-LIFE superhero called the Black Widow is tackling bar brawlers and car thieves in an American city.
The mysterious crimefighter, who models himself on Marvel superhero Spiderman, stalks the streets of Norfolk in Virginia and tackles evildoers using his finely-tuned fighting skills.
Amazingly, he’s not the only real life hero inspired by the wall-crawling webslinger.
He told News 3: “I stopped fights in some of the bars around here.
“I stopped carjackings in dormant areas. I stopped a woman from being assaulted.”
The 20-year-old refuses to reveal his identity and goes by the alias Matsuda Yuuma.
The masked avenger was inspired to take up the role after being bullied when he was younger – much like Spiderman’s alter-ego Peter Parker.
The black belt martial artist even came into existence the same way as the web-slinging hero – after a spider bite.
He said: “I was bullied because I was different. I wasn’t like everybody else. If you’re different then you’re pretty …