First, when something negative happens, try to re-frame it through “the lens of gratitude.” If, for example, you feel someone at work is picking on you, try being grateful that you don’t live with this person, he says.
Second, develop the habit of writing down three things that went well in your day. When we express gratitude by writing it, our inner happiness increases by between 10pc and 25pc he adds.
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Also remember that we never know what is going on in anyone’s life so don’t be so hard on others either. So stop judging and start practising Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs), he suggests:
“If you know the ‘why’ you can endure almost any ‘how’, says Dr Rowe. A lot of people feel they don’t have purpose or meaning in their lives – but doing something you love is a great way to bring a sense …