COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. —  A Kangaroo store manager said that a homeless woman helped save her life.
“She’s my hero,” said Phyllis Hicks. “If it hadn’t been for her, who knows I may not be here talking to you today.”
Maria Proffitt lives out of her truck with her dog Baby.
“She doesn’t bother a soul,” Phyllis said. “She doesn’t ask anyone for money. She doesn’t ask anyone for help.”
“I look at the Kangaroo as my family because I’ve hung out here so long, I feel like they’re my family,”  Maria said.
On Tuesday morning Phyllis stumbled and fell.
“I screamed help me, I can’t breathe,” she said.
Baby stood up a little bit and let Maria know he heard something.
“I heard ‘help Maria, help,’” she said.
“Maria help me please and that’s the last thing I remember,” Phyllis said.
Maria gets out of her truck walks over.
“I don’t want to die,” Phyllis said.
“And that’s the last words …