Prince George’s County police officer Ricardo Biddy was on the phone with his friend talking about their day’s work volunteering at the Seat Pleasant fire station, when suddenly Biddy began slurring his words.
“He started mumbling about subjects that were irrelevant and then he went silent,” said volunteer EMT Phil Martin.
Moments later, Martin heard the sound of vomiting on the line.
Martin immediately sprang into action, hoping to avoid a tragedy like those he encounters regularly through his work.
It turns out Martin’s quick work saved the life of his best friend. Biddy, who was sitting in his police cruiser in the driveway of his home, had suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning after the odorless gas leaked into the vehicle.
Volunteer EMT Phil Martin accepts an award for saving the life of his best friend, Prince George’s Country police officer Ricardo Biddy. The officer had passed out from carbon monoxide leaking …