Do you have a cat? Do you love your cat? Prove it. For $3,000, you might be able to get a poster-size photo of your cat put up in a Metro station for the amusement of thousands of commuters.
That’s the top reward in a newly launched Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that aims to replace typical subway advertising with awww-idn’t-he-cute felines.
The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service — Washington, D.C. (C.A.T.S., for short) is hoping to raise $30,000 by May 4.
“The main goal is to take over the station with just cats, instead of your everyday ads you see on the Metro,” said Nicole Adams, who is organizing the effort.
Nicole was inspired by Glimpse, a guerrilla marketing group in London that pioneered the cats-not-ads concept. The English C.A.T.S. garnered international coverage in September when cat photos filled the Clapham Common Tube station.
[London’s Tube subway has been taken over by cats, including one from Virginia] …