PIC BY MARCELO MARQUES / CATERS NEWS - *MANDATORY PHOTO CREDIT* - (PICTURED: Every day Thor the Akita dog follows the same route his owner took him on walks, before he died) - A faithful dog has taken to walking the same route that he and his owner used to do every day, before his master died, in a remarkable show of devotion.Thor, a thoroughbred Japanese Akita dog, makes his daily heart-breaking vigil along the streets of Capaava do Sul in south east Brazil. He has become a well-known sight in the city as he grieves for his owner, Claudio Cantarelli. News of his daily journey emerged last week (Friday 17) after a local veterinarian clinic highlighted the pedigree pets case. According to the report, when fine art painter, Claudio, died at the age of 58 in December 2015 the loyal canine missed his best friend so much he became sick with grief. Claudios neighbour, Saionara Freitas, 76, took pity on the animal and decided to adopt him. SEE CATERS COPY

Thor the Japanese Akita is a very good dog.
Every day, Thor walks the same route he and his owner, Claudio, used to do every day before he died, walking along the streets of Capaçava do Sul in south east Brazil.
He’s become a local celebrity thanks to his daily tribute to Claudio.
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News of his daily walk spread last week when a local vet highlighted his case, explaining that when Claudio died at the age of 58 in 2015, Thor missed his friend so much he became sick with grief.
Claudio’s neighbour, Saionara Freitas, adopted Thor after seeing just how miserable the dog had become.
‘Thor stopped eating when Claudio died,’ she said. ‘He would lie in the courtyard of his house without moving for days on end.
‘It was obvious he was depressed and missing his lifelong friend. I was so …