FEA-PROFILE-FAKIH TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 17 - Mohamad Fakih is the owner of Paramount Fine Foods, the fastest growing Middle Eastern halal restaurant chain in North America.__February 17, 2017. Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star

Mohamad Fakih leads a tour of a Paramount Fine Foods restaurant and stops to sharpen a long knife and slice beef shawarma from a spit.
The founder and CEO of the growing chain of Middle Eastern restaurants with a halal menu is smiling broadly, clearly happy that fate has brought him to this kitchen in the Liberty Village location in Toronto.
In a few hours the kitchen will fill with staff, including Syrian refugees that he hired to give them a start in Canada.
Fakih, 45, oversees more than 40 locations worldwide, mostly with franchise partners. The chain, which employs more than 1,000 people, includes a commissary, gourmet butcher shop and a new Middle Eastern-style sandwich franchise.
He covered the funeral costs for the six worshippers who were slain in a mass shooting in January at a Quebec City mosque. And he has set a goal of hiring 100 Syrian refugees; so far …