BOSTON — It’s Friday morning in Boston, which means Dr. Jim O’Connell is making his rounds.  
He might be a little more comfortable inside a warm exam room, but that’s not where his patients are. O’Connell is Boston’s only doctor left still making house calls to the homeless.
Nearly 600,000 Americans are homeless, and many have health problems with no access to care. O’Connell and his nationally renowned team of “street doctors” are doing something about it, treating about 700 regular patients.
O’Connell and his team of psychologists and social workers spend their days walking around downtown where his patients live — in parks, under bridges and on the outskirts of town.
During his morning rounds, O’Connell himself usually sees about 20 patients. He knows where most of his patients sleep and knows who to ask if they are missing.
“I feel like I’m a country doctor in the middle of the city, you …