It was a simple dream.
And it was all that Ankit Yadav, age 18 of Dabethuwa village in India, dreamed of as he biked 30 kilometres across the dry and dusty roads to the town of Gyanpur.
His village was facing abandonment.
A lack of water left Dabethuwa in its last throes. Young people were leaving the village in search of work, turning away from farming.
But Ankit could not join his peers in their exodus to new lives in the cities.
His father was sick and needed to be taken care of.
His family had roots in Dabethuwa going back centuries.
This was his home.
Somehow, he would have to keep the village alive.
So Ankit began his daily journeys to Gyanpur, in search of a resource perhaps more precious than water.
“I had heard about the Internet from my friend who had studied in Gyanpur,” says Ankit. “I did not believe what he was saying, that you could …