Over 50 dogs have been rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea, where the animals were kept in conditions akin to a “dungeon”, a charity has said.
The Humane Society International rescued 55 dogs from the South Korean farm, flying them to America where they have been sent to emergency shelters, 46 of which have been sent to New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
The charity, which is funded through private donations, said the dogs had been kept in near darkness at the farm in Goyang, outside Seoul, and were given barely enough food to live on.
Kelly O’Meara, who oversees the organisation’s companion animal-related international projects, said the farm “was more like a dungeon, where there’s very little light, little to no ventilation, so the stench of ammonia would bring tears to your eyes when you walk though.
“You’d see eyes peering at you, but it was hard to actually see the …