A devoted father taught himself biotechnology after his baby son had to have his arm amputated.
Unsatisfied with the “cumbersome” options available for children and babies on the NHS, the psychology teacher locked himself in his shed for days on end to make the perfect bionic arm for his little boy.
Arms with sensor technology, according to Ben Ryan, aren’t available until children are three or four years old, and he “wanted it a bit quicker than that”.
He said that even rudimentary and cumbersome technology isn’t available until children are older.
Mr Ryan, who is from Bangor, also revealed the current, antiquated prosthetic limbs being offered were ‘ugly’ and  are often rejected by young children early on.
Baby Sol, born in March 2015, had his arm amputated at just ten days old because of an unexpected clot in his arm.
His wife, Kate, was worried about her husband’s mental health when he holed himself away in the shed …