A couple of weeks ago a 3-year-old dog, named scooby, was left in the cab of truck along with other dogs. Suddenly the truck caught fire. Their humans were at the Food pantry at that time to collect some supplies. Other dogs quickly escaped from the spot but Scooby cant and suffered serious burns.
After the incident Scooby took to BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Blaine, Minnesota for the treatment. Veterinarians removed melted plastic from Scooby’s paws. They tended to his burned nose. The dog’s ears were so badly injured in the fire  that they had to be removed them as well.
All the expenses of treatment were borne by Frankie’s Friends, a nonprofit that helps with the cost of medical care when a pet’s family is unable to pay for crucial treatment.
After loss of the ear, Scooby looked very sad.Veterinary technician Leah Falon decided to try to make Scooby feel a little better by doctoring up …