Man removes turban and places it under head of injured child hit by car outside primary school.
??rm?n ??ngh did not think twice about r?m?v?ng his turb?n to ?r?dl? the bl??d?ng h??d of ? 5-???r-?ld who had just been h?t by ? v?h??l? on his way to s?h??l.
?r ??ngh, 22, was at home when he h??rd ??r wh??ls s?r???h?ng, and then ? ??mm?t??n, and ran outside to ?nv?st?g?t?. “? saw ? ?h?ld down on the gr?und and ? l?d? was h?ld?ng h?m. ??s h??d was bl??d?ng, so ? unv??l?d my turb?n and put it under his h??d.”
??mb?rs of the ?nd??n ??mmun?t? last n?ght ?r??s?d ?r ??ngh for his ??t??n, ??ns?d?r?d ? hug?l? significant act of hum?n?t? by br??k?ng str??t r?l?g??us ?r?t???l to h?l? ? str?ng?r.
?h? ????d?nt ???urr?d in ??nur?? Rd just before 9?m.
?r ??ngh ??kn?wl?dg?d the r?r? st?? he took to h?l?, but said that ?r?t???ls of his f??th did not …