In this cut-throat competitive world when everybody is indulged in making the profit and trying to defeat competitors. On rare occasions, we encounter news which strengthens our belief in humanity.
Today, we are going to share with you the story of a restaurant owner who has kept a refrigerator outside his restaurant so homeless people could get food.
Pappadvada, a restaurant in Kochi, India has installed a working fridge outside their restaurant so patrons and hotel staff can leave leftovers for other people in need.
Minu Pauline, the owner of this restaurant, said that she got this idea when she saw a woman rummaging through a trash can for food.
She told Huffington post that she was taken aback when she saw that woman searching for food to pacify her hunger in a trash can.
Adding to Pauline’s concern was the fact that Pappadavada on that night had left a …