OLYMPIA, Wash. — Train tracks use to be like cold steel blood vessels pumping life into the places they reached, and into the people they reached, too. Now, sometimes, they transport us back to a time when everything was simpler, or at least, looking back, it seems that way.
The idyllic little Olympia-Lacey train depot near the State Capitol is like that.
It has a timeless look about it, with an old fashioned clock on a post out front and a pitched, shingle roof. It is slow and peaceful until about 12:35 every afternoon when the stillness surrenders to the 513 Southbound rumbling down the track.
It’s one of 10 passenger trains that briefly stop here every day. The Olympia-Lacey station is one of the busiest in the state.
And there’s something else that sets this depot apart.
There’s Fran Harder, Bill Pendergast, Patrick Brennan, Gordon Barnes, and another 50 or so …