PIC BY MIKEY JONES/MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: PATRICIA DAVIES, 90, DOING HER MAKE-UP) A retired industrial photographer formally known as Peter has come out as transgender at the age of NINETY and is even having female hormones to become Patricia. Patricia Davies says she knew since the age of THREE that she was a woman but lived in fear of how people would reactfor decades until doctors changed her medical records to female last year. Even though she had opened up to her late wife about her feelings in 1987, who bought her jewellery and dresses to wear in secret, she remained living as Peter after receiving abuse from people in the street and fearing electric shock treatment. SEE MERCURY COPY

A transgender World War II veteran proves it’s never too late to live life truthfully.
Patricia Davies, from Leicestershire, England, didn’t decide to transition into a female until she turned 90 years old.
Davies — born Peter — has known she was a woman since she was just a toddler.
“I’ve known I was transgender since I was 3 years old. I knew a girl called Patricia, and I decided I wanted to be known by that name but it didn’t stick,” Davies told Caters News Agency.
Davies kept her identity a secret for most of her life for fear she would be shunned by her peers or forced to undergo electric shock treatment.
“The atmosphere [around being transgender] was not safe. People did not understand what transgender was,” Davies said.
Davies — who served in the army between April 1945 and 1948 — said coming out as transgender would have categorized her as a homosexual, …