Good Samaritans have rescued a horse floodwaters at Murwillumbah and brought it into their home.
A picture of the horse shared to Facebook has captured the hearts of the Murwillumbah community, the creature pictured splayed in the doorway of a home.
Floodwaters can be seen through the doorway, reaching the top of the porch steps.
The horse is said to be doing well and eating plenty of apples. (Facebook)
“A friend of mine rescued a horse that is exhausted and in his front door,” Gillian Taylor wrote on a Murwillumbah community Facebook page, in an attempt to find the horse’s owner.
Ms Taylor said the her friends, a father and son, used a boogie board and rope to lead the horse to safety. 
“(They) went out on a boogie board and threw a rope around the horse and dragged it back in,” she told
“They held the horses head above water for hours.
“She’s had some apples and water …