Official Hand off of the Lamborghini Huracan to the Italian Polizia.
The Italian Police have added another Huracan to their police vehicle line-up, courtesy of Lamborghini. Goodluck to any criminal that tries to get away from this absolute road and track monster.
This also isn’t the first time the Italian automaker has gave one of their high-performance, High-dollar vehicles to their Police. In 2008 they gave the Polizia a Gallardo and this is actually the second Huracan for the Police. They gave the first one back in 2015, which is now servicing in Rome and this one is going to the Highway police in Bologna, the headquarters of Lamborghini.
Furthermore this Lamborghini is more than just an ordinary police vehicle in two regards, one being the performance and the other is the special use for this Lamborghini Huracan.
Firstly, let’s talk about that “special use”. The car has a very special task of organ …