A parrot which escaped from an animal attraction in South Yorkshire was found two days later – eating chocolate biscuits at a supermarket.
Charlie, an Amazon Parrot, escaped from the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre in North Anston, Rotherham, on Wednesday.
A gust of wind is believed to have blown her off course when she was flying at the attraction.
Devastated staff at the centre turned to social media to highlight her disappearance and to appeal for sightings of the 19-year-old parrot.
She was found the following day eating chocolate digestives at the Tesco supermarket in nearby Dinnington.
A Tropical Butterfly House spokeswoman said: “She’s a survivor, she was found eating biscuits at Tesco in Dinnington. We’ve all been there, when we’re trying to stick to a healthy diet.
“Not her usual diet but she’s happy at home now.
“What an emotional couple of days it has been.”
“Thanks again everyone for …