One of the falcons at San Jose City Hall with the four eggs that Clara has laid this season on Thursday, March 30, 2017. (Image from FalconCam)

It’s a big weekend for fans of San Jose’s resident peregrine falcons, who’ll be watching to see if any of the four eggs in the nest box high up on City Hall begin to hatch.
Clara and Fernando El Cohete, her mate since 2012, have been taking turns watching over the clutch of eggs since their arrival over the past few weeks. Observers on the falcons’ Facebook page — of course they have a Facebook page — anticipate the eggs could begin hatching as soon as Friday.
Watching the falcons on the city’s FalconCam has been a daytime obsession for countless people since Clara first arrived on the scene in 2007. Should any of this year’s eggs hatch, this will be the 11th year that Clara has produced young. Last year, three eggs hatched and two chicks survived.
For falcon fans, the show is really just starting. Once any chicks arrive, Clara and …