Within hours of the news that a couple who starved their Filipino maid over 15 months had been sentenced to jail and fined, my wife, son, foreign domestic worker and I were discussing the case over dinner at a Japanese restaurant.
“She lost 20kg, sir,” said Rizza, our Filipino helper, while slurping her collagen soup.
“What was your weight when you first joined us?” I asked.
“I was 58kg, sir.”
And now?
“Already 74kg,” she replied with a guilty giggle.
“That’s 16kg gained. I think we’d better set you back to your original weight before we get jailed for force-feeding you,” I said.
“Every week, on Monday, I tell myself I’m going to lose weight, sir, but in the middle of the week I give up,” she said, chuckling, as she fussed over our 11-year-old son, Alex.
“Why don’t you go work for that couple when they come out of jail? They have a dietary plan that …