A month after being found tied to a park gate on Valentine’s Day, a dog has finally found love. The one-year-old Crossbreed, who was found abandoned with a note tied around her neck saying simply ‘I am Lara’, was taken to Dogs Trust Leeds as the most romantic day of the year drew to a close.
Despite her ordeal she settled into life at the rehoming centre, but it wasn’t long before she stole the hearts of Sita and Graham Brand from Settle.
Sita says:
“As soon as we saw her walking towards us it really was love at first sight! We didn’t think we’d meet a dog that was ideal for us the first time we visited Dogs Trust Leeds, but the timing was perfect.
“She is the most beautiful dog in the world and we love her to bits. She is a fantastic addition to our life – and our work!”
Sita is …