The journey to loving and accepting your body is long, difficult, and different for everyone.
Fitness blogger shares important message about accepting her body
For some, it’s all about finding an exercise they actually enjoy. For others, it’s reminding themselves that the perfectly filtered photos they see on Instagram aren’t reflective of reality.
For social worker and model Kevin Creekman, also known as The Creekman on Instagram, it’s down to willpower, discipline, surgery, and, finally, tattoos.
‘Since my earliest childhood I had always been overweight,’ Kevin told, explaining that by age 10 he already had stretch marks.
‘At age of 18 I weighted over 150 kg. I got bullied a lot and I hadn’t any social life beside of computer games like World of Warcraft.
‘I had already tried several diets, without any success.’
In his teens he found motivation in a friend who wanted to lose weight too. They motivayed each other to …