Competing in a Street Fighter tournament is hard, especially if you’re blind.
But that didn’t stop a Dutch player by the name of “Sven” from managing to take a few sets off his opponents in the early rounds of Spain’s Sonic Boom tournament for Street Fighter V. Playing as Ken, Sven faced Musashi’s Akuma in a best-of-three series that saw the traveler from the Netherlands come out on top.
In each match, Sven used Ken’s aggressive style to keep closing the distance and pummel Musashi. When both fighters are right on top of one another, vision matters less than a keen instinct for timing and unleashing counter-combos.
In an interview after the match, Sven explained that he went blind around the age of five due to cancer. “I was afraid that I was not able to play computer games anymore because I was blind, but then Capcom released Street Fighter …