A three-year-old girl in Massachusetts made fast friends with a police officer after she saw him eating alone during his break and decided to join him and strike up a conversation.
Sgt. Steve Dearth of the Hingham Police Department said he had taken a dinner break at a Panera Bread on March 4 when he noticed Lillian, 3, with her father.
Dearth said he was waiting to order his food when he noticed Lillian with her dad. They smiled and waved at each other and that’s when Lillian’s dad brought her over to meet Dearth.
“He said she wanted to be a police officer,” Dearth said in a telephone interview with Global News. “I gave her a junior police officer sticker.”
After parting ways, Dearth sat alone in a corner to enjoy his meal but Lillian walked over with her dad once again to see him.
“She was looking at the empty chair and I …