People on Bell Island have come to the rescue of several dolphins stuck in thick pack ice since Sunday, successfully freeing five of the dolphins by 1 p.m. Monday.
Wabana Mayor Gary Gosine says volunteers worked with the Whale Release and Strandings Group to help save the dolphins stuck near Lance Cove beach.
“I’m going to tell you there’s a sense of community pride here today,” Gosine told CBC News.
He said the rescue mission began at daybreak. One of the dolphins died in transit and another four were crushed by the ice.
Marine rescue expert Wayne Ledwell, who advised the group by telephone, said there’s a good chance the dolphins will be fine.
“Well I’m sure they’re pretty stressed. But if they’re healthy, and they can manage to survive that and the water clears away, then I think they can go on. Because they’re not like animals that have come ashore to die.”
Photographs taken by Christopher Kitchen …