A Narbonne High School baseball player thought he would never play again after losing his leg from a gunshot wound, but thanks to perseverance, hard work and a prosthetic leg, he is back on the field.
Senior Ruben Marin was shot in the leg while walking home from a graduation party.
“I tried to get up, that’s when I felt the pain,” Ruben recalled. “When I tried to get up, my whole leg just collapsed.”
As he recovered in the hospital, Ruben was convinced his baseball days were over until Paralympian Rudy Garcia Tolson dropped by.
“He was walking with both legs amputated, with five gold medals on his neck, and I was like, ‘Dang, that’s pretty dope,'” Ruben said. “Right then and there I told myself I’m going to play baseball again.”
Just a year and half later he proved himself right.
“This is a message to people that are down there, ‘Pick yourself up …