WEWOKA, Oklahoma –
The death of Tecumseh Officer Justin Terney, who was killed in a shootout last week, has touched hearts nationwide. A photographer who knew Terney has found a way to honor him, while giving something special to other officers in the state.
It’s picture day at the Wewoka Police Department and every officer, even Dante the K9, posed for their portrait dressed in full police uniform.
“My guys truly appreciate it,” Wewoka Police Chief Mike Windle said.
It’s been decades since the Wewoka PD has had a professional photographer stop in. It’s just not in the budget.
“We don’t have money for that,” Windle said. “Our priorities are more geared to getting our guys trained up and the equipment they need.”
And that’s not a problem because this photo session isn’t costing the department a dime.
“I knew that I had …